Bright Sparks Montessori

At Bright Sparks Montessori, an Alberta certified teacher with additional training from a recognized Montessori program will be guiding your child through several curriculum areas such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Science and Culture.

Montessori students are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions. It is the role of the Montessori teacher to guide her students through a variety of curriculum areas and help foster each child’s sense of confidence and independence.

The Montessori prepared classroom provides the child an opportunity to concentrate, develop his/her sense of order and make positive choices for their preschool activities.

In the Montessori Classroom, a beautiful, child-friendly environment is prepared with the needs of your child in mind. The Montessori materials and classroom furniture are appropriately sized for the children so that they can work comfortably and independently.

Order and cleanliness are emphasized as the child’s learning is supported through an organized classroom.

Within a Montessori classroom, children have the opportunity to use real life tools. These tools encourage independence and also challenge their fine motor skills. Beautiful real-life tools provide an opportunity for students to gain a level of respect for their materials and surrounding environment.

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